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Body Retouching Services

Photodotedit is a professional Boudoir or body retouching service Provider for Photographers. We do all aspects of portrait or body photo retouching. Including reshaping the body and improving photo editing services. Contact us to see how our body reshaping retouching service can improve your photos. We can make you look skinny. Your legs may become longer and your waist may shrink. Can remove all unwanted flab.

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Body Retouching Service

Boudoir Photo Editing Services

  • Essential Edit​
    • Image Correction and Enhancement​
    • Skin and Face Retouching​
    • Blemishes Removal​
  • Creative Edit​
    • Body Liquification / Shaping​
  • Designer Edit​
    • Background Change​
  • Album Creation

Photodotedit is a professional body retouching service Provider for Boudoir Photography. Which provides online body reshaping and slimming, cellulite removal, skin smoothing, breast enlargement, and much more. We guarantee natural results and a perfect body in photos, fast and at an affordable price.

Body Retouching Services We Provide:

Body slimming – from $3 – $5 per photo

It doesn’t matter what your body shape is. We can use advanced body editing techniques to slim anybody without over-photoshopping. You can tell which part of your body we should pay special attention to and which part needs less slimming.

Body Retouching Service Body Slimming in Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Photo Retouching – From $1.5 – $5 per photo

Boudoir photo retouching and body editing will make photos look glamorous. These special services are used to make all visible face and body parts look amazing and stylish. Retouchers also work on skin complexion. If it’s too pale, give it a healthy look.

Boudoir photo retouching Service to enhance beauty in Boudoir Photoshoot

Airbrush Skin – From $2 – $5 per photo

Skin airbrushing is one of the main perfect body photo editing services. Which is useful then. When you need to get rid of scars and acne, change skin tone, and highlight particular areas without damaging the skin texture.

boudoir Retouching Services for models and professional photographers

Make-up retouching – from $2 – $4 per photo

Using digital make-up tools, Photodotedit correctors can highlight lips and eyes. Can add beautiful contours, and resize your face with precise angles. Artistic makeup retouching is also possible. Helps to slim down the face on photos.

Makeup Retouching Before Image Makeup Retouching After Image

Dodge and Burn Effect – from $2 – $5 per photo

Using the Dodge and Burn tool, Photodotedit Retouchers will highlight the beautiful curves of a model’s athletic body. We’ll strike a balance between the dark and light parts of the photo to give you a professional result.

Dodge and Burn Retouch Body Retouching Service

Repair clothes – from $2 – $5 per photo

It’s impossible to keep clothes perfectly sleek in a photoshoot. The easiest way to deal with all defects is to repair the fabric. The Photodotedit team will easily handle wrinkles and give the fabric a clean look.

Clothes Retouching Service After Clothes Retouching Service After

Background retouching – from $1.5 – $4 per photo

In addition to body editing, you can also order background retouching. It should be a harmonious relationship between a model, her clothes, a general style of a picture, and a background. We can color-correct your photo to give it a professional look. Can remove harsh shadows, and arrange light accents.

Background Retouching Service Before Image Background Retouching Service After Image

Fixing stray hairs – from $1 – $3 per photo

Removing stray hairs in Photoshop is a boring task. So it is always better to entrust it to the professionals. Photodotedit Retouchers will take care of your photos. Will get rid of flying hair, and make a hairstyle precise and elegant.

stary hair retouching service before stary hair retouching service After

Remove Items – from $2 – $5 per object

When editing bodies on photos, we focus on all the distracting objects. Removes them without leaving any trace. These could be bra straps or sunburn marks. Which spoils the portrait image.

Teeth Braces Removal – $1.5 – $3 per photo. 

To give your photos a professional look, we’ll erase braces, while preserving a real-life color and teeth texture.

How can we make you look dazzling with our body reshaping service:

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  • Enlarge or reduce breasts.
  • Accentuate a waist.
  • Add a six-pack.
  • Remove unwanted flab.
  • Make your legs longer & slimmer.
  • Completely reshape your body.
  • You can feel great with my body reshaping service.

Body Retouching Photo Editing Service Pricing

Pro Level

$ 2.00

Per Photo
  •  Get Rid of the Red Eyes
  •  Pimples, Scars, Face Blemishes Removal
  •  Airbrush Face Skin
  •  Color Correction
  •  Crop/Resize Photos
  •  Basic Backdrop Enhancement
  •  Stray Hair Fixing
  •  Slight Widen One Color Background
  •  Small Items Removal
  •  Remove Face Wrinkles
  •  Light Body Liquifing
  •  Clipping Path for Simple Objects on White/Black/Transparent Backdrop (No retouching)
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High End Level

$ 4.00

Per Photo
  •  Pro Beauty Correction
  •  Teeth Braces Editing Out
  •  Remove Items
  •  Image Masking
  •  Chromatic Aberration/Fix Color Fringing
  •  Eye-glasses Glare Fixing
  •  Colors Changing for Images Items/Clothes
  •  Slight Body/Face Imperfections Removal
  •  High End Skin Retouching
  •  High End Body Reshaping
  •  Make-Up Retouching
  •  Boudoir Photos Retouch
  •  Following the Client’s Style
  •  Dodge and Burn Effect
  •  Background Bluring
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Extra Level

$ 5.00

Per Photo
  •  Pro Beauty Correction
  •  Two Photos Merging
  •  Eyes/Heads Swapping
  •  Remove Items
  •  Image Masking
  •  Replace the Background
  •  Textured Background Extending
  •  Make Clothes/Background Smooth
  •  Clipping Path for Complex Objects (White/Black/Transparent Backdrop)
  •  HDR Effect
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Retouch Only $2 per image

  • Skin beautification – remove blemishes, spots, wrinkles, bruises, dark circles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.
  • Skin color correct – remove red splotches, soften tan lines, and warm skin tone.
  • Subtle body contouring using liquify & dodge burn techniques.
  • Teeth whitening
  • Minor Background retouching – power outlets etc.

**Advanced retouching such as image composite, face swap, and glasses lens glare removal will incur an additional charge of $1 per image.

Colour & Retouch $2.50 per image

  • Apply your custom Lightroom preset or adjust exposure, HSL, cropping/straightening, etc.
  • Skin beautification & colour correct as with ‘Retouch Only” service.
  • Subtle body contouring
  • Teeth whitening
  • Minor Background retouching.

**Advanced retouching such as image composite, face swap, and glasses lens glare removal will incur an additional charge of $1 per image.

Boudoir Retouching Service

Professional Body Retouching 

Body retouching is a sensitive topic for Boudoir Photography. Because the line between a realistic body and over-photoshopped images is very blurry. When they are asked to enlarge their breasts or lengthen their legs. So Photodotedit Retouchers always do realistic fixes. We do not use any auto-perfect body photo editor. But rely entirely on the Photoshop toolset and do all the adjustments manually.

Our task is to slightly enlarge the body parts captured by the photographer, without creating an unnatural look.

Level: High End

Price: $3 – $5

Body photo editing applied:

  • Body slimming
  • Body shape editing with Liquify Tool
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Color correction
  • Cellulite removal
  • Making breasts bigger
  • Clothes photo retouching
  • Fingers/Nails correction
Body Retouching service for Boudoir Photography Photoshop Photodotedit

Natural Body Retouching

All kinds of manipulations with the body are highly popular. There are many programs created specifically for that purpose. You can find many free slimming photo editors, body reshaping tools, breast photo editors, and other similar tools. However, the common problem is body correction and showing wrong body curves and lines.

If you want a perfect body with perfect structure in your Boudoir Photoshoot. So order natural body retouching services on Photodotedit. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we are well known. That’s how to improve the female and male body without looking unnatural.

Level: Pro

Price: $1.5 – $4

Body photo editing applied:

  • Color correction
  • Skin retouching
  • Stylization
  • Clothes retouching
  • Adjusting build
Natural Body Retouching for Boudoir Photography Before Image Natural Body Retouching for Boudoir Photography After Image

Body Retouching Service Gallery

Frequently asked questions

How do I submit my images for retouching?

It’s simple! Upload your high-resolution jpeg or RAW photos into your Dropbox folder or Any cloud Storage and they will be completed within a few days.

What is your turnaround time?

We aim to get your images back to you as quickly as possible. You will have your retouched images back within 1-5 working days.

What is your confidentiality policy?

Boudoir Photo Editing Is a Sensitive Topic for Clients’ Privacy. All picture we retouch is 100% confidential. We do not share or publish images without written consent. We are happy to sign an NDA with all of our clients.

Do you accept rush orders?

Please contact us via email ([email protected]) to confirm rush orders. We are sometimes too busy to guarantee rush delivery but we will do our best to accommodate your request. A rush order fee may apply.

What payment method to you accept?

All prices are in USD. A PayPal/Payoneer invoice will be sent to you via email and you can pay the invoice once your images have been delivered and to your complete satisfaction.

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