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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Photodotedit is now the number one real estate photo editing service provider with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We have been editing real estate photos for over 10 years and helping people buy, sell or rent buildings through professionally edited photographs. Let us help you create the home of your dreams with the help of real estate retouching.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services We Provide:

  • Day to dusk
  • Item removal
  • Sky replacement
  • Lawn retouch
  • Dust & garbage edit
  • TV image replacement
  • HDR Bracketing with Indoor Window Replacement
  • Adding fire to fireplace
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Cord and items removal
  • Lens distortion removal
  • Window cut-out replacement
  • Aerial highlight
  • Virtual staging
  • Floor plan redraws
  • 360° Virtual tour

Real estate photo editing service is one of the most sought after jobs in the photo editing sector today. In recent years, the real estate market hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea. Because it requires huge investment. Because a lot of money is needed in this field. Not everyone can afford it. Photodotedit knows this fact. So, we’re showcasing several of our best sites when it comes to real estate photo editing. Regardless, the future of this industry remains brighter than others. Beyond that, it’s important to make a good first impression with exceptional real estate photography. Most importantly, for individuals interested in doing business in this field.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Before Image Real Estate Photo Editing Services After Image

Real Estate Editing Under Construction

If your property is still under construction. So we can take care of its completion in digital form immediately. Our experts can assist you with laying a lawn, widening walkways or replacement coverings. Furthermore, we can clean roads and rooftops in no time. Creations can remove material or enlarge specific image areas.

We also assist you in planning or drawing up renovation works for initial marketing measures. We change the color of the walls, clean the exterior or replace the roof. So that you can already see how the house will look in the future. Would you like to get a feel for it? How will your decor be? Photodotedit with its retouch team and CGI experts will be happy to create a stunning simulation for you.

Real Estate Photography Editing Service Before Image Real Estate Photography Editing Service After Image

Real Estate Editing Interiors & Outdoors

Simple snapshots are not enough! If you want to attract the interest of potential buyers or tenants. That’s why you should use attractive images. The property may be fully furnished but it does not look attractive on the advertisement shots.

We can help you adjust colors and lighting, clean messy areas, or change the scenery behind windows. On top, we adjust outdoor images by adding green grass or removing disturbing objects. Our experts in our real estate photo editing service also give you this advice. This is possible with your distributed images.

Architectural Photo Editing Service for Photographers Architectural Photo Editing Service for Photographers

Real Estate Photo Editing Prices

Standard Level

$ 1.5 - 5

Per Image

Standard edits such as making photos more expressive, improving lighting, and removing blemishes. Ideal for Realtors and Brokers who order more than 100 photos per week. Lightroom does editing only.

LR Adjustments:

  • White Balancing
  • Image Sharpening
  • Vertical & Horizontal Straightening
  • Remove Minor Blemishes
  • Lens Distortion Removal
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustment
  • Sky Replacement
  • Ocean / River Water Enhancement
  • Remove Pool Cleaners from Water
  • Tone Adjustment
  • Dust Spot Removal
  • HDR Bracketing with Indoor Window Replacement
  • Cropping or Resizing
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Extra Level

$ 2.5 - 10

Per Image

For photographers and luxury properties that require special attention to detail. This is done manually according to individual instructions.

PS Adjustments:

  •  Standard Level Corrections
  •  Lawn Enhancement – Repair or Replace
  •  TV Screen Replacement
  •  Flash Reflection Removal
  •  Add Fire to Fireplaces
  • Remove Photographer’s Reflection / Turn On Lights
  • Fixing Burnt Out Lightbulbs / Shadow Removal
  • Windows Enhancement /  Cord Removal
  •  Manual Editing and Masking Together Images/Exposures
  •  Carpets/Curtains/Bedcovers Smoothing
  • Dust & Garbage Edit / Day to Dusk
  • Aerial Color Fade / Aerial Drop Pin
  • Aerial Highlight / Aerial Editing Combination
  • Color Changing / Items Removal from
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Standard level upgrades are only available in Lightroom. Acceptable file formats .jpg, .png. Photoshop enhancements are ready-to-order at an additional level. Acceptable file formats Raw files, .jpg, .png, .tiff.

Why Real Estate Photo Editing Service is Necessary?

Real estate photo editing is a highly regarded service all over the world. On the other hand, the real estate industry is a very accessible market. So if you want to get into it. So you have to be fully prepared. Real estate photo editing and retouching services are provided by Photodotedit Editor exclusively for real estate agents like you. Your property will have a rich look thanks to this high-quality virtual staging. Overall, using this real estate image Editing service can help you get the best image-enhancing results. On the other hand, real estate photographers are essential. Because they are the ones who shoot the images. Taking high-quality photos is important and photographers need to be able to capture images from dawn until dark.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Before Image Real Estate Photo Editing Services After Image

Can real estate photographers get benefits from real estate photo editing service?

If you are thinking the same thing then yes, photographers are the primary customers. who can get the most benefits. Generally, realtors do not have an in-house team of photographers. Instead, they hire individuals to click images and as a photographer, you are known by the shots you take.

Although, as professionals, there is no doubt about it. that one can click extraordinary shots. But sometimes the light, the weather and the deadline for submitting the images can play against your will. Hence, hiring photo editing services benefits your work and helps you to deliver quality work on time.

What does a real estate image editing service comprise of?

The real estate image editing service involves a lot of work from the experts. It involves the use of software like Photoshop and its advanced tools to improve the impairments in an image.

  • Removal of unwanted object – This particular portion eliminates the unwanted objects that come into display due to shadow overcasting or deviated focus.
  • Removal of reflections – The windows and glass objects in the room can bring about unwanted reflections which have to be removed in order to bring perfection.
  • Camera flash removal – It involves the removal flashlight reflection from the shiny objects in the space so that every item can be viewed properly.
  • Color enhancements – Due to invariable light, the color of the room or property may look too bright or faded, Here the experts enhance the color shade.
  • Image cropping – Sometimes the photography angle can be too wide. Thus, clicking the extra space. Hence, the experts crop the image to get the accurate focus.
  • Resizing the image – The marketing requires the image to be of a certain size whereas the image could be smaller. So experts resize it to match the standards.

Our Expert Tips for Real Estate Photography Editing Service

Especially for outdoor shots or large real estate projects, it is essential to start by optimizing perspective. Straight walls and clear lines are the basis for further retouching. Interior design becomes important for open spaces, kitchens and rooms with little or no furniture.

True colors are displayed in detail through accurate white balance. Matte and desaturated colors should also be reworked. Bright colors ensure. Due to which the beauty of any room or house is made on seeing it. A hazy day with bad weather turns into a bright sunny day. A day when everyone moves towards buying or renting a property.

Disturbing elements such as cables, construction marks, or object shadows outside the image section should be corrected. Must be professionally removed. We are more than happy to assist you with specific reconstruction measures within real estate photography editing. such as removing particular image elements, adding new components, and moving walls or furniture.

We envision your vision! Whether it’s an item for sale, rent or your personal property. Create perfect property images with the Photodotedit real estate retouch service.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services: FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Real Estate Image Editing Services?

Most managed real estate image processing services determine project fees based on a few key factors.

This includes:

  • Image type
  • Image volume
  • Project complexity
  • Expected Deadline
  • Employed resources

Our real estate photo enhancement services also follow a transparent pricing strategy. Offers competitive rates. Provides cost analysis, and offers cost-effective quotes without any hidden costs. We also provide free samples. So that can help you understand how we handle the complexity and turnaround time of the project.

Why Do You Need Real Estate Image Editing for Your Business?

Real estate photo enhancement services can be an important growth tool for your business. This can help you invite more traffic to your listing through high-quality images. that instills visitor confidence in your products. Photo editing can also help increase your CTR, conversions and ROI in the long run.

What Is the Difference Between Real Estate Image Editing or Image Post Processing?

Image post-processing is a part of image editing. This is a darkroom-like project. Sharpening, curve and level correction, frame setting, adding or removing objects, retouching, etc. are included. On the other hand, image editing is the overall process of manipulating, reworking and enhancing an original image. To achieve a predetermined artistic vision or desired approach.

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