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High End Portrait Retouching Services

Are you Looking for a professional picture editing service? Get in touch with photodotedit and forget about the time-consuming image editing routines. Our team of correctors will make your photos look amazing without any effort on your part.

For portrait photography studio

Outsource portrait retouching services whenever needed. photodotedit has service plans for all those business sizes. Those who want to develop their own photography studio.

Photoshop portrait and skin retouching service

For Pro Photographers Outsource Portrait Retouching Service

Professional photographers have the ability to show their clients the picture-perfect rockstar. Your customers are ordinary people. Which has natural flaws. who have been caught on camera. With Portrait Retouching, you can easily correct these small imperfections to make them look their best. However, image correction takes time. It gets in the way of business growth. So, if you are limited on time. So how will you be successful? Need photodotedit to outsource your photo editing!

portrait retouching and skin retouching before image portrait retouching and skin retouching after image

Beauty Portrait Photo Editing Services

Portrait editing on its own can become a nightmare. As with all those face and body modifications that require professional portrait retouching skills. That is why it makes sense to entrust the task to photodotedit, a company that has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

When you are concentrating on portrait photoshoot outfit. handling finances, and expanding their customer base. So we’ll take care of the hardest part of your portrait editing workflow. A wide variety of services are available. So you can find something for your current project.

Start From – US $1 – $4.00 (per image)

  • Hair retouching
  • Blemishes removal

  • Colors modification

  • Adjusting brightness

portrait retouching skin and hair before portrait retouching skin and hair after

Portrait Retouching – Skin & Hair

The most complicated part of portrait photo retouching is working with the skin. Trying to enhance the portrait without over photoshopped a person. We always maintain permanent traits. If you want us to remove any of them. (for example, a mark), so just mention it when placing the order.

We get rid of double chin and wrinkles. Highlights cheekbones and masks dark circles under the eyes. Removes stray hairs, smoothens the skin, etc. If we need to improve female images. So we also correct or apply makeup. Everything is discussed individually.

Start From – US $1.5 – $4.00 (per image)

  • hair repair
  • skin growth
  • smoothing facial skin
  • color correction
  • Adjusting Contrast and Brightness
photoshop portrait retouching eye enhancement before after

Professional Portrait Editing – Enhance Eyes

Defining eyelashes and eyebrows, eliminating red-eye effect. Besides the standard operations like getting rid of the hoodie eye, we can also do more creative eye editing. Our correctors can change eye color if you want a creative effect.

Glasses usually cause glare. No matter how hard you try to avoid them while shooting. You can send us your pictures. We will correct such defects without spoiling the realistic look.

Starting From – US $2- $4.00 (Per Image)

  • face correction
  • Improve white balance and brightness
  • red-eye effect removal
  • stray hair removal
  • natural skin improvement

Professional Portrait Retouching Pricing

Pro Level

$ 1.5 - 4.00

Per Image
  •  Basic Editing
  • Red Eyes Effect Removing
  •  Skin Enhancement (Acne, Scars Smoothening)
  •  Facial Skin Evening Out
  •  Teeth Whitening
  •  Color Balance Fixing
  •  Work With the Image Size
  •  Body/Face Manipulations
  •  Stray Hairs Removal
  •  Tiny Background Defects Fixing
  •  Facial Wrinkles Removing
  •  Clipping Path Service (Simple Items Without Retouching)
  • Background Soften

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Extra Level

$ 2.00 - 6.00

Per Image
  • Pro Beauty Editing Work
  • 2 Images Merging
  • Braces Removing
  • Unwanted Items Removal
  • Glasses Glare Fixing
  • Backdrop Changing
  • Heads/Other Body Parts Replacement
  • Clothes/Objects Recoloring
  • Clothes Wrinkles Removing
  • Dodge and Burn Effect Applying
  • Objects Masking
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High End Photo Retouching Service We Provide

High-end photo retouching services, we will not let you down but provide 100% quality satisfaction with timely delivery.

Photodottedy is a leading pre-press retouching company. Which provides complete retouch solutions for professional photographers and Photoshop clipping or masking service for e-commerce products. So as to improve the glamor of an image while attracting customers with those images. Which we offer in our portfolio. It has been used successfully all over the world.

  • Removes excessive facial wrinkles
  • High-End dodge and burn effects
  • High-End fashion digital retouch
  • high-End product improvement
  • High-End Portrait Retouching
  • High-End e-commerce model retouch
  • high-level dramatic improvement

We also provide many other services like – professional background removal, retouching, clipping path; Ecommerce Product Clipping Masking Services; and online Photoshop clip art creation service that can be availed online. You can definitely try our services. We assure you of quality satisfaction on time.

We provide many other services. Such as professional background removal or correction, clipping path; e-commerce product Clipping Masking Services; and online Photoshop clip art creation services that can be availed online. You can definitely try our services. We assure you of quality satisfaction on time.

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