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Photo Color Correction Services

Let our color correction services address you and let Photodotedit make your photos bright and full of realistic colors. We only use calibrated monitors. Which guarantees professional color adjustment of any photo.

Color Correction Pricing
Wedding Color Correction Service
  • Saturation adjustment
  • HDR blending
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Sharpening
  • culling
  • color Correction
  • WB Adjustment
  • Noise Reduction
  • Shadows & tint editing

Photo color correction services

These color correction services are for those photographers. Those who require fast turnaround and high quality services. If you don’t have time to adjust shadows, tones, white balance and other color settings on your photos. So Photodotedit will meet all your needs quickly and efficiently!

Color Correction Services is a photo editing avenue. which is becoming more and more popular. Professionals will take your photo and correct color, lighting, contrast, exposure, etc. So that it looks like you were personally on the spot. Color correction can be used to give a completely new feel to any photo. Whether you want to change the mood of a picture or whatever it was originally. Want to change the background to something different than that, color correction is the way to go!

This photo color correction service is available to anyone. Who wants to edit a photo. Check out some examples below and see how professional photo editing can make your photos look amazing! Photodotedit will meet all your needs quickly and efficiently!

  • Reasonable rates
  • Attractive deals for bulk orders
  • Quick turnaround
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Photo Color Correction Services We Provide:

Accurate Photo Color Correction Services

Color correction is an essential step of editing. No matter what photography style you specialize in. If you don’t have time to drag multiple sliders to find a perfect balance between shadow, hue, brightness and other parameters. So why not delegate the task to the pros of Photodotedit.

We have been providing color correction services to photographers around the world for over 10 years. That’s why we are ready for the most challenging orders. From simple changes to creating complex color blends – everything is possible on Photodotedit.

Color Correction – US $0.10 (per image)

  • Tints and shadows adjustment

  • Correction natural light look

  • Sharpness and clarity editing

  • Contrast and exposure correction

Wedding Photo Color Correction Lightroom Wedding Photo Color Correction Lightroom after

Only Natural Photo Color Correction

The color correction process involves several repetitive steps. Requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of complementary color theory. While preserving the original idea of ​​a photo from our experts. Has all the skills needed to tackle the most complex tasks. We evaluate the general color scheme carefully. in order to figure out which ones call for color correction.

If you want us to make the colors come alive. So please indicate when ordering. If you want to give a distinctive atmosphere to your images with the help of color correction. So tell us, no matter what thought popped through your mind. We will do our best to bring it to life.

Color Correction – US $0.8 (per image)

  • Contrast correction

  • Exposure and saturation enhancement

  • Temperature adjustment

  • Shadows removal

  • Clarity work

Natural Color Correction Lightroom Before Natural Color Correction Lightroom After

Color Correction Services for Professional Photographers

When colors look unnatural or lifeless. This may pose a threat to your photography services. You have no customer base. Proper color correction can help emphasize the most important parts of your photos. Can add another dimension to them. If you want to create a professional and consistent look in your work. So it is absolutely necessary.

For photographers who need help with image editing. Photodotedit company provides professional color correction services at very affordable prices. You can choose from a variety of packages depending on your needs and specific demands.

Color Correction – US $0.10 (per image)

  • Blinks adjusting work
  • Making photo vibrant
  • Tints and shadows adjustment
  • Correction natural light look
  • Sharpness and clarity editing
Photo Color Correction 23

Photo Color Correction Services We Provide:

White balance adjustment

If the white balance was set incorrectly. A picture becomes more exposed. So we’ll make all white elements completely white by removing the yellow and blue tints.

Culling and custom color correction

Specialists will select only the most successful photos. Will correct the colors to get rid of the attractive yellow undertones. You can address to our correctors for basic color correction. Or can order high end manipulators.

Basic/Advanced Improvements

Photodotedit experts will take care of foggy and boring colors in portrait shots, unhealthy skin tones and fuzzy eyes to make the final picture utterly eye-catching. We’ll also get rid of your hair and retouch/apply digital makeup to make your model look its best.

Noise adjustment

If your picture looks bad and unprofessional because of digital noise. So contact Photodotedit Color Correction Service and our rectifiers will easily solve this problem. No automatic filter! Only manual color correction to guarantee our customers get the best results.

Straighten photos

We can correct the distorted perspective of any shot by straightening and aligning the elements in the frame. No matter how many objects are in the frame, we will make everything happen.

Tints and Shadow Editing

When working with shadows, we try to make them appear less harsh without crossing the line of realism. We also improve tints to get balanced photos.


We’ll remove distracting highlights caused by intense sunlight to make your photos mesmerizing with gentle light leaks.

Saturation Correction

The Photodotedit color correction service can return the intensity and purity of colors to your images by adjusting saturation. We’ll make colors brighter and more intense by increasing the saturation.

HDR editing and blending services

Our Retouchers will blend two shots taken at two different exposures into a single photo with bright highlights and deep shadows.

Sharpening and Contrast Correction

If the image is devoid of color and appears blurry. So our photo color correction company will make it more alive and bring back the sharpness.

Our Wedding Photo Editing Packages:

Wedding Light

$ 65.00

Per Wedding
  • Color correction up to 700 photos
  • No contracts and hidden fees
  • Turnaround time 3-5 days
  • Save up to $5 per wedding
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Wedding Pro

$ 100.00

Per Wedding
  • Color correction up to 700 photos
  • Color correction up to 700 photos
  • Basic retouching up to 20 photos
  • Save up to $10 per wedding
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Photo Color Correction Gallery

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