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Photo Restoration Services

Are you unable to preserve your precious memories because of old pictures? Which are damaged, worn, discolored, loose, or full of spots and spots? Bring them back to life with our old photo restoration services. Photodotedit has great expertise in the fine art of restoring old photos. That’s all you have to do. He sends us the damaged photos and leaves the rest to us. Our photo restoration service experts will first capture your photo electronically and then repair it to restore it to its former glory. Extend and manipulate it.

In addition to recreating your photos, we’ll also do things like removing color casts and adjusting contrast in photos. Not only this, your photo will be digitally restored. But it will also look better than ever! Scan your photos and send them to us for high-quality online photo restoration services. We will restore your damaged and old photos. Will repair damaged parts of a picture. Will remove scratches or hide various damages caused by water, age, or other factors.

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Water Damage Restoration – $1.5 – $4 per photo. 

If your photos got damaged by water. The ugly looks are no longer there, we’re ready to help you bring them to life. Correctors will bring the colors to life and fill in the blank areas.

Water Damage Retoration Adobe Photoshop Before Water Damage Retoration Adobe Photoshop After

Mold Damage Repair – from $1.5 – $4 per photo

We are ready to repair your mold-damaged photos. With Hue, WB, Saturation, and Contrast set to make them even better than the initial images. Our correctors will get rid of ugly spots and make every detail in the photo look crisp.

Mold damage Restoration Before Mold damage Restoration After

Restore and reassemble lost pieces – from $1.5 – $4 per photo

If some fragments/parts are missing in your images. So you can address our team of reformers. They will rebuild the old/damaged photos so that the final image can be restored. High-quality and natural antique photo restoration are guaranteed.

Old damage Repair photo Restoration

B&W Photo Colorization – from $1 – 4 per photo

Photodotedit is ready to color your old, B&W photos. We promise. That the result will look beautiful and absolutely realistic.

Black and white Photo Restoration service

Antique Photo Restoration – $2 – $5 per photo

If your ancient photos have had many negative changes due to many natural phenomena like water and mold.

Then you should order this photo repair service. We will take care of all losses. Make sure your photos look gorgeous.

Antique Photo Restoration Before Antique Photo Restoration AFter

Torn and torn photo repair – from $2 – $5 per photo

Images with ragged edges or hard cuts can barely “tell” the story of a particular event. But we can solve this problem easily. Even if there are many torn parts in one picture. So we will glue them together through advanced Photoshop tools and present to you a beautiful family image.

Torn and torn photo repair Before Torn and torn photo repair After

Stains, scratches, and blemishes removal – from $1.5 – $4 per photo

Stains, scratches, and other visible defects can completely ruin your old photos. Order Photodotedit Picture Restoration Services. We will remove them from your photos. Will fill in empty areas, and do an overall color correction to give each object a precise look.

scratches remove restoration photoshop Before scratches remove restoration photoshop After

Photo sharpening – from $1.5 – $5 per photo

Photo restoration would be incomplete without sharpening. When we are done removing the defects and repairing the missing parts. So we go ahead with accelerating. In this way, we clearly define each item in the frame. While the model’s facial features get a nice look.

Photo Sharpining photo restoration Service Photo Sharpining photo restoration Service After

Photodotedit has been providing photograph restoration services since 2012. Can help you save even seriously damaged images. Our photo restoration services can be classified according to the type of image restoration required or the intensity of the damage.

We realize that one corrector may not be good at all colorization and photo restoration services. That’s why we have organized the work in this way. That each reformer is responsible for a certain part of a task. Thus the entire image restoration order is delivered quickly.

Price for our old damaged photo restoration service

Standard Level

$ 3.00 - 7.00

Per Photo
  • Light Scratches Removal
  • Sepia Issue Fixing
  • Dull Colors Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Small Damaged Areas Restoration
  • Blemishes Removal
  • Overall Enhancement
  • Up to Three Persons in the Image
  • For Every Other Person +1.5$
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Premium Level

$ 5.00 - 10.00

Per Photo
  • Standard Restoration
  • Medium Scrapes Retouching
  • Missing Parts Fixing
  • Complete Restoration of an Every Detail
  • Up to Three Persons in the Image
  • For Every Other Person +2$
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Extreme Level

$ 10.00 - 15.00

Per Photo
  • Premium Restoration
  • Deeply Damaged Photos Restoration
  • Ruined Edges Fixing
  • Photos Merging
  • Image Coloration
  • Up to Three Persons in the Image
  • For Every Other Person +2$
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Realistic Picture Restoration Services

With a personalized approach to photo restoration, we make sure. So that the repaired picture looks realistic with real color and tone.

Even though the photo was taken many years ago. But it is not necessary that it gets worse from time to time. Photodotedit Retouchers will showcase the necessary enhancements, torn pieces, and the right colors to make an antique photo look as great as ever.

Extreme Level – US $4 – $10 (per Image)

Photo Restoration Services applied:

  • Premium Restoration
  • Deeply Damaged Photos
  • Restoration
  • Overall Enhancement
  • Retouching
  • Image Coloration
Black and white Photo Restoration service

Old Family Photograph Restoration Services

Photo restoration online is an extremely delicate process. It requires precision, attention to detail, and a certain level of Photoshop expertise.

Our fixers can remove scratches, creases, and other types of damage without leaving any marks. With deep color correction, it makes any old family photo look fresh and bright.

Extreme Level – US $4 – $10 (per Image)

Photo Restoration Services applied:

  • Premium Restoration
  • Deeply Damaged Photos Restoration
  • Repair Damaged Parts
  • Blemishes Removal
  • Overall Enhancement
  • Scratches Removal
  • Color Correction
Old Family Photo Restoration

Our Online Photo Restoration Services

No matter how old your photographs are, or how bad the damage is, our old photo restoration services can reshape your cherished memories to perfection. We have over 18 years of experience in restoring old and antique photographs for various customers.

We can meet your specific needs, whether you are an individual with a few photographs to restore or a photo studio with bulk work. Our customer base is spread across the UK, US, Europe, and Australia. If you are looking for torn photo repair services or a low-cost photo restoration Indian service provider, your search ends here.

We offer the following online photo restoration services –

  • Color Level CorrectionWe provide expert color-level correction services to make your photos truly shine. We can alter the brightness, saturation, contrast, levels, and saturation, among others.
  • Enhancement of Contrast and/ or SharpnessWe enhance the contrast in your photographs and also adjust the sharpness to make your photo the best it can be.
  • Conversion of Black & White Photographs into ColorWe can recolor your black and white photographs to bring them to life in full color.
  • Conversion of Color Photographs into Black and WhiteWe can convert your color photographs into black and white photos.
  • Restoration of Missing or Damaged Areas in the PhotographWe carefully work on your photos to restore damaged or missing areas in your photographs using advanced editing tools.
  • Elimination of Underexposed Zones or FuzzinessWe use the latest image restoration technology to completely remove fuzzy patches or underexposed zones in even the most worn-out photos.
  • Restoration of Folded, Torn, Cracked, or Moldy Parts in PhotographsPhotographs can become worn out with time or due to improper storage and being improperly handled. We restore torn, folded, moldy, or cracked areas in photos.
  • Stain and Blotch RemovalWe have experience and expertise in removing all blotches or stains from photos.
  • Repair to Damage from Chemical Coats or Loss of PigmentationWe use advanced image restoration technology to repair damage from external chemical coats and restore photographs suffering from loss of pigmentation.
  • Repairing Silverfish DamageOur advanced photo restoration techniques help us repair damage caused by Silverfish.
  • Elimination of Scratches, Dirt, and TearsWe expertly remove damage caused by scratches, dirt, and tears, among others.
  • Repairing Areas Damaged by Album GluePutting photos in albums can sometimes lead to damage to the photos from album glue. We used advanced techniques to fix this damage.
  • Restoration of Photo BordersWe use the latest in photo restoration technology to properly restore photo borders.
  • Converting Sepia Photographs into Black & White or Color ImagesWe use advanced techniques to create brilliant black and white or color images from sepia photographs.
  • Balancing the Tone and Tint in the PhotoOur image editors have expertise in accurately balancing the tone and tint in your photographs.
  • Adding Selective Tints or New Color SchemesWe can add new color schemes or selective tints to change the appearance of your photos and to make them shine.
  • Modernization of the PhotographWe use advanced image editing techniques and technologies to make your photograph look contemporary and modern.
  • Adding Duo Tones, Tri-Tones, Or Four ColorsWe can add two-tones, tri-tones, or four-tones to increase the appeal of your photographs.
  • Adding Contrasting ThemesWe use advanced techniques to add realistic contrasting themes to increase the aesthetic appeal of your photographs.
  • Creating a Glossy or Matte Finish for the PhotographWe can create a glossy or matte finish for your photographs based on your preference.
  • Digital Hand ColoringWith our old photo restoration, we can manually add color to your black and white photographs to make them more appealing.

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