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Jewelry Retouching Services

Professional jewelry photo retouching attracts potential buyers. Presents precious gems in the most attractive way. Necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry will shine after photoshopping.

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Jewelry retouching Service and Photo Editing

Nice photos of the jewelry reflect the design of the piece. However, even the best photos show the gem’s brilliance.

The best way to get attention is to use those photos. Which shows those clear lines. that reflect the expertise of the hands that create your precious pieces. If your jewelry shines and shines in the photo. So they’ll do it in real life – and that’s what your customers want.

Photodotedit’s jewelry photo editing services enhance the look of your photos. He portrays subjects in their best light. Whereas DSLR cameras can capture the smallest details. They produce clinical-looking images. We make your photos attractive with our professional editing magic.

Jewelry Editing Services We Provide:

  • Dust & Scratch Cleaning
  • Diamond Polishing
  • Jewelry Background Removal
  • Re-coloring of Gold and Silver
  • Repainting shine on metal
  • Creative Jewelry Edits

Dust/reflection removal – from $5 per item

Dust and reflections can completely ruin the neat look of your jewelry. Photodotedit experts can fix these flaws. Can make your jewelry images shine. Reformers will polish every inch of the item and prepare them for printing and online stores.

Jewelry Retouching Services Dust and Reflaction , Shadow Enhance

Background editing and mannequin removal – from $5 per photo

The background of jewelry images should be neutral and not to distract attention from the main objects. We can replace the initial background with a more suitable option. Another jewelry retouching service we offer. That is to remove the effigy. It also helps to bring the jewelry to the limelight.

Jewelry Retouching Service Background Remove before Jewelry Retouching Service Background Remove after

Color correction and color replacement – from $5 per item

Either you need to completely fix the color in your jewelry photos or change the color of a particular element. We are ready to do it for you in less than 24 hours. If you took pictures of jewelry in insufficient light. Now the visual defects need to be corrected. So we will take care of them and deliver the picture with proper colour, shadow and brightness.

Jewelry Retouching Service Color Correction

Metal smoothing – from $10 per item

Metal smoothing is not an easy task. That’s why many photographers address our company for this exclusive jewelry retouching service. We will polish each piece of an item even in inaccessible areas to ensure a flawless look.

jewelry Editing Service Metal Smoothing service

Shine Enhancement – from $10 per item

We will enhance the gems and gems by fixing the texture and giving shine to the precious stones. How many things do we need to improve? Everything will look elegant.

Jewelry Retouching Service Color Correction

Drop shadow and mirror effect – from $10 per photo

Shadows are essential for adding dimension and depth to jewelry images taken in a lightbox. Thanks to Photoshop tools and attention to detail, we can add shadows to jewelry images without much editing.

Drop shadow and mirror effect jewelry editing service

Creative jewelry editing – from $12 per photo

We will do creative jewelry photo retouching to make gems perfect. The service includes color correction, resizing and resizing, changing/adding backgrounds, deleting/adding objects, etc.

jewelry retouching service creative photo editing

The Photodotedit team offers a variety of jewelry corrections, from basic color correction to creative correction. Improving jewelry images, we always deliver realistic results.

Our improvisers pay attention to the small details. The clarity of the gems and the way the light falls on the gold and silver pieces. Outsource jewelry photo retouching to us and we’ll uncover the best features of each stone.

Prices for Our Jewelry Photo Editing

Pro Level

$ 6.00

Per Item
  •  Clipping path and background removal for simple objects
  •  Fixing contrast & sharpness
  •  Elimination of minor product defects (scratches, dents, etc)
  •  Natural shadow adding
  •  Picture resizing
  •  Basic clipping path
  •  Gaps repairing
  •  Poor contrasts adjustment
  •  Light & color corrections
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High End Level

$ 10.00

Per Item
  • Pro level editions
  • Clipping path and background removal for complex objects
  • Gems editing or replacing
  • Blinks/ reflections correction
  • Color changing
  • Drop shadow and mirror effect
  • Blemishes removal
  • Highlights & shades improvement
  • Ring mounts redraw
  • Metal smoothing
  • Gemstone & Precious metal Color Improvement
  • Dust / Poor Reflection removal
  • Image details improvement
  • Unwanted elements removal
  • Jewel Stones Brightening
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Bulk Services for Permanent Customers


Discount who orders from 50 -100 jewelry pictures for 1 Order. ( First Time Customer)


Discount who orders from 50 – 100 jewelry pictures. (For 2 Order Every Month / Permanent Customer)


Discount who orders from 100 – 150 jewelry pictures. (Permanent Customer / for 3 Order Every Month) 

Jewelry Retouching: Shadows, Dust, color correction and Reflections

Pictures of jewelry without any shadows look strange. Realistic shadows allow you to highlight all the visible and beneficial features of the jewelry and add depth to the images. Photodotedit correctors make shadows look natural and realistic while being careful with all the details.

By adding shadows, we turn 2D photos into 3D images. It is also an effective way to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other items look great.

Other things that affect the visual appearance of your jewelry photos. They are dust and reflection. Our experts clean up the dust. Eliminate reflections on mirror surfaces. If the camera lens catches small scratches. So we can also get rid of them with the help of retouching jewelry.

High End Level – US $10.00 (per image)

Jewelry retouching services applied:

  • Dust/poor reflection removal
  • Clipping path & background removal
  • Brightening
  • Color changing
  • Adding natural shadows
Jewelry Retouching: Shadows, Dust, color correction and Reflections Jewelry Retouching: Shadows, Dust, color correction and Reflections After

Jewelry Editing – Removing Unwanted Elements

A good jewelry photo doesn’t have many such elements. Which distracts from the advertised jewelry. There are strict rules on how to create a proper composition though. Something can go wrong, resulting in a messy jewelry shot. Fixd photo correctors are ready to help you and focus the viewer’s attention on the jewelry.

We use different tools in Photoshop to clear the background of a jewelry photo. Once we delete a particular item. So we proceed to adjust the color of the empty space. So that everything looks harmonious.

Sometimes we need to remove those blemishes and scuffs. Which greatly spoils the picture quality of the jewelry. This is a challenging task. But due to extensive experience in retouching jewelry, we can cope with the task professionally.

High End Level – US $10.00 (per image)

Jewelry retouching services applied:

  • Background and objects removal
  • Gems editing
  • Adding natural shadows
  • Light and color correction
  • Gemstone color improvement
  • Necklaces position fix
Jewelry Editing Locket

Jewelry Photo Retouching and Editing Gallery

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