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Whether you are a professional wedding photographer, or someone who is about to get married. Wedding photo editing can be one such service. which you need.

Professional Wedding Photo editing packages come in handy in many situations. You can be a photographer. Who lacks the time or skill to do post-production. You can be a couple. Those looking for ways to reduce the cost of wedding photography.

Whatever the reason, it is important to thoroughly understand the cost of wedding photo editing.

Various factors determine how far the service will leave you behind.

Often, photo editing solutions have comparable prices. If you are getting any such offer. Which is very budget friendly. So you will need to be careful with this.

If you have never done professional photo editing before. So here are some of the biggest essentials to know about it. Furthermore, the guide will give you a fairly comprehensive overview of the factors that determine the cost of wedding photo editing in 2022.

Factors that determine the cost of wedding photo Editing

Before taking a look at average prices and costs, let’s examine a few such factors. Which contribute to the price tag of an editing package.

Groom and Bride Wedding Photo Editing Service Wedding Post Production

Anyone interested in wedding photo editing has probably checked out the post-production companies and the packages available on their websites. Whereas each service provider has a unique approach to price selection. Many factors will remain the same.

Some of the primary factors that will affect the cost of photo editing in 2022 include the following:

  • Whether costing is per picture or a package (including post-production work for a set number of photographs)
  • The amount of time and the extent of editing work required to complete the task (sometimes, clients will have very specific requirements that necessitate a lot more image manipulation)
  • The experience and reputation of the photo editor – someone who has been on the market longer will charge more
  • Quality of the source images – pictures created by amateurs are much more difficult to work with
  • Deadline for completion and whether this is a rush order
  • Final output – resolution, format, whether prints will be required or just the digital files, etc.

If you are looking for offers for photo editing. So make sure you understand what is included in the package. A misunderstanding can lead you to such a solution. Which in the end does not prove to be the most budget friendly.

What service will you get?

In this guide, we are talking about wedding photo editing. But it is a very general term. You can get an array of different services under one umbrella. Needless to say, this is the solution you will need. This is what sets the price tag of photo editing.

Bride Photo shoot Wedding Photo Editing Service

Some of the most common services that include photo post-production packages are:

  • Basic Photo Retouching: This includes the basic fixes needed to beautify pictures. You may need to tweak the color correction, balance, contrast, brightness and sharpness slightly to get the best results. There are a few other elements that professional editors come across, (white balance, color temperature, hue, etc.) but there’s really no need to dive deep into the world of terminology.
  • Body Corrections and Color Corrections: Sometimes, couples would like to make additional edits to get rid of imperfections. This type of service has a lot in common with portrait photography and close-ups. which may reveal more.
  • Background Removal and Manipulation: With this we are going into the realm of picture manipulation. Sometimes, objects and people may need to be taken out of the picture background. Since it is a very tedious process. So it can increase the cost of editing.
  • Picture Filters & Special Effects Additions: If you’re looking for a specific special effect (story-style photos, HDR images, cinematic images, gritty images, movie-like effects, etc.). So you will need to spend extra on post-production. Such effects will be added during image editing and the process is extensive. In addition, you need a lot of specialized knowledge to produce natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

As you can see, a picture editor can do a lot of work. Before discussing such a service, make sure you know. What results are you looking for and how extensive the editing work will be.

Wedding Picture Editing Price In 2022

Now that we have general ideas. So it’s really time to take a look at the cost of wedding photo editing in 2022.

The cost will depend on what you’re paying per picture. Or you’re getting a package deal.

wedding photodhoot

If you are just looking for basic photo retouch. So the price can be expected to start around two dollars per image. For advanced editing, background removal, and special effects, you’ll need to spend $10 or so per image.

Some photo editors will charge an hour. gives the figures for 2022. That the average cost of photo editing is $34 an hour. The typical range is $30 to $40 an hour. Editors who are just starting their career. They’ll charge a low fee – about $26 an hour.

Anyone looking for package deals will come across varying prices as well.

Typical packages cost around $100 to 200, depending on the complexity of the job. A $100-pack will usually include color correction alone (out of several hundred pictures). The more expensive package will also provide retouching solutions.

It is interesting to mention that some post-production professionals offer subscription plans to wedding photographers.

These subscriptions are monthly and allow for seamless interaction between two professionals. Such packages start at around $100 per month. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of pictures that can be edited within the package during the time period. If you go beyond what is included in the plan. So you have to reach the next package or you have to pay extra.

Is one pricing model better than another? Not necessary. It’s up to you to decide. with whom you feel comfortable. Generally speaking, the editing solution per image makes sense for a small number of pictures and for simple fixes. If you have to edit hundreds of images. So a package or an hourly fee will be more economically useful.

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Ways to reduce the cost of photo Editing

The numbers quoted above probably seem high. Especially if you are trying to complete all the wedding preparations on a budget. If you are a struggling professional. So you will also want to reduce the cost of outsourcing.

Wedding Photoshoot Wedding Photo Editing

There are ways to make wedding photo editing more affordable.

However, when employing these techniques, it is very important not to sacrifice quality for cheapness. If you do, the end result will be disappointing and the money is anything but well spent.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of picture editing is to make sure of it. That picture quality is exceptional.

Whilst the pictures are beautiful and don’t have extensive post-production requirements. So editing is going to be pretty cheap. Chances are only a little basic color correction will be needed and this is the cheapest service.

As a photographer, you must work on partnering with the post-production team. If you have a reliable and working partnership with any other studio. So chances are you will benefit from wholesale discounts and special rates.

Look for post-production services as soon as possible. It will be more costly for you to complete a project faster. So, as soon as you know when the wedding will take place and when the pictures will be ready. You should contact the editors.

In the end, we need to emphasize that thing. Which has already been mentioned. The fact is that a service seems cheap right off the bat. That doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest. Always make sure you understand. That’s what you will get for the money you spend on post-production. Otherwise, you risk wasting some of your cash on half-baked service. For which extra (expensive) work will have to be done.

Professional Wedding photo editing is worth it!

At the end of the day, spending some money on professional photo editing will be worth it.

If you’re getting married, understand that partnering with the right editor will help you save even the most disastrous amateur pictures. As a professional photographer, you can simplify and streamline many processes to take on new projects without much burden.

Take enough time to research wedding photo editing solutions and their costs.

Just like you do with any other service. Similarly request multiple quotes. These will give you a good idea of ​​the post-production approach taken by different studios. You’ll also get a realistic idea of ​​what the market has to offer, and how much this kind of support might cost you.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek personalization. Many studios will be willing to make changes to their services to meet the needs of a new client. The more specific you are in your communication. You will be just as happy with the results you get in the end.

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